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Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Happy Freya Day! Also known as Freyja from Norse mythology. She is the goddess of love, fertility, beauty, sex, gold and war. She rides a chariot that is pulled by two cats (how cool is that!?) and possesses a cloak made of falcon feathers that invokes both love, fertility and allows you to fly like bird.

Freya rules over the heavenly land known as Folkvangr, Freya's hall, where half of those who died in battle come to rest in their after life. The other half of these warriors are taken to feast in Valhalla, Odins hall.

Freya is known to be one of the most beautiful goddesses. She has long blonde hair that flows like rivers, blue eyes, and a body literally like a goddess that she loves to flaunt as she is often seen naked to those who work with her as a deity.

Freya is a goddess of magic. She taught her own magic called seior. It is a magical practice of soothsaying, sorcery, shape shifting, trance magic, astral projection and more. Not only was she a goddess of magic, but she is also a deity of the moon. Next time you practice moon magic you may want to dedicate it to her. If you call upon her while casting your rituals and spells; she will help aid you in protection, stand by you as a guide, and even teach you some magic herself! She also was a master at the Elder Futhark Runes. The runes Berkano and Ehwaz are sacred to Freya. Some time down the road we will get to studying the Runes together 1 by 1.

A fun fact about Freya is that it stands for Friday. Her sacred number is 13 for the 13 lunar cycles there are in a year. So when A Friday the 13th comes around it is actually a powerful time to work and honor our Norse Goddess Freya.


When to call on Freya:

-For labour

-seeking love

-in need of healing, nurturing, love, peace

-aid in spell crafting

If you would ever like to dedicate a garden to Freya you may want to grow these plants!






Once you harvest them, make sure to thank Freya for her blessings and you can use these in your cooking, spell jars, charm bags, or anything your heart desires!

Offerings Freya enjoys:

- Food: chocolate, fruit (raspberries & strawberries), honeycomb, honey, candy

-Drinks: mead, fruit liqueurs, sweet wines, apple cider, fruit nectar, sweet coffee drinks

-MISC: fresh flowers, jewelry, love songs

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