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HAPPY SUN DAY or shall I say Sol!

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

So let's get into who Sol is from the old Norse mythology. There is not much knowledge of the two that can be shared, but this is what we know so far. Sol (sun) is female and has a brother named Mani (moon). When they first came to being and appeared as the cosmos were being created, they were not sure what their life purpose and magical power/role was. There was a meeting held by all of the gods which was when they created the seasons, the day time, night time, and phases throughout the year. This meeting was the answer to Sol and Mani's question.

Sol and Mani's new purpose and power was to ride through the sky on horse-drawn chariots. There are no names for the horses that carry Mani's chariot, but the names to Sol's horses are Arvakr (early riser)and Alsvidr (swift). She and Mani are chased in their chariots by wolves. Their names are Skoll (mockery) and Hati (hate). They spend all their time being chased by the wolves which give us both day and night and are to do this until they are be consumed by the wolves at the time of Ragnorak. You may have heard that term before, maybe from the Avengers series. Ragnorak in old Norse means the fate of the gods. Ragnorak is some time in the far unknown future when there is complete destruction of the cosmos and everything in it, including the gods.

It is believed that Sol had a companion in her chariot name Svalinn. He is there to hold a shield between her and the earth below, therefore the earth and ocean below wouldn't be consumed by flames. You know just for obvious reasons!

And that is the story of the sun, moon and how we get both our day and night times. I wish there was a bit more info on them as they share a very vital part in our lives and craft work. Every time the sun rises and moon rises wish them safe on their travels and thank them for allowing you to change with their seasons, phases, and give us so much knowledge and power.

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Thank you!

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